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Grazioso II Cancun Red
Iris Black Stain Traveler
Diamant II Custom
Grazioso II Cancun Red
Tornado II Vintage Sunburst
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Diamant, Tornado, Grazioso, Iris



Serj Tankian, Ota Vana, Petr Hrdlicka...



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Famous musicians playing our instruments

Serj Tankian

Together with Serj we constructed a new model of Jolan Iris. The finish of the instrument is inspired by his own painting and also carries his signature.

In collaboration with Ota, the limited edition of Jolana Tornado guitars was designed for the 25th and 30th anniversary of his band, Kabat. This year we are building a new model for the 35th anniversary, which will be presented soon.

Petr has custom-built his Jolana Diamant with us. Apart from active EMG pickups it also has a really cool finish inspired by the logo of his band, Skwor.

Petr participated in the reincarnation of Jolana Grazioso guitar. We built the instrument according to his individual requirements for the neck profile and fitted it with his favourite DiMarzio pickups.

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We are proud to continue the tradition of Jolana guitars. Our production staff consists of highly skilled craftsmen with years of experience in guitar-making. The quality of the product, great sound and amazing craftsmanship are our priority. In manufacturing our instruments we combine modern technologies with traditional production methods to ensure the best quality of each instrument leaving the factory.

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