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ota-vana OTA VÁŇA

Jolana Tornado

Ota Vana, the guitarist of a band “Kabat”, was born in northern Bohemia’s town Teplice.

He started to play an acoustic guitar when he was thirteen-years-old and later on purchased an electric one, which was Jolana Iris. He was also active in another minor band “Scandal” for about a year before he decided to leave and join above-mentioned band Kabat.

Kabat became one of the most popular rock bands known in the Czech Republic during the late 80’s and 90’s. It received many prestige music awards and released twelve albums during their 25-years of existence.

Ota Vana plays on Jolana Tornado as well as banjo and twelve-string guitar.

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michal-hruza MICHAL HRŮZA

Jolana Tornado

Michal Hrůza is a Czech singer, guitarist and former front man of „Ready Kirken“ band. His music career started in middle school when he joined a school band and is part of several minor bands after his graduation from high school. He founded „Ready Kirken“ in 1996, which released five albums during their existence.

He is currently playing with „Kapela Hruzy“ founded in 2006. He also composed and created lyrics for singer Aneta Langerova and her song „Voda Ziva“, which became an instant hit.

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petr-hanych PETR HENYCH

Jolana Grazioso

Petr Henych, Czech rock guitarist born in 1968, became known in 1992 as a guitarist of a band “John Dovanni”.

He also played along other well know musicians and major bands during his career and in 2007 released his first instrumental solo album called „Na vlastnich rukou“. Soon after that he founded „G-bod“ together with a bass guitarist Martin Hronek and a drummer Jakub Homola. Some of the better-known songs are ones from Peter’s album „Na vlastnich rukou“ as well as songs of Jimmy Hendrix and Joe Satriany. G-bod also acted as a support band to an American guitarist Richie Kotzen on several occasions.

One of Peter’s greatest achievements in recent years is his work as a composer and a manager for Peter Kolar (Czech music star). He also played a major role as a co-founder of Kolar’s back-up band and created lyrics for song „Vyznani“ awarded as the second most popular hit of 2006.

He joined band “Leaders” in 2009 known as the back-up band for Kamil Strihavka who is one of the greatest Czech singers in recent years.

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frantisek-taborsky FRANTIŠEK TÁBORSKÝ

Jolana Grazioso

František Táborský is well-known guitarist, singer as well as a composer.

He played in several bands and worked as Robert Kodym’s guitar technician before he joined major band „Chinaski“ in 1996. Chinaski has been one of the most popular bands in the Czech republic in the last 20 years. It released seventeen albums and received several musical awards over the years.

Frantisek Taborsky is also known as a composer as well as lyricist of some songs that became hits over the years.

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olda-krejcovec OLDA KREJČOVES

Jolana Grazioso

Oldřich Krejčoves is mostly known as a guitarist and a composer.

He was part of legendary Prague’s club „Bunkr“ where he met some if his future group mates.

He was active in many well-known bands before he joined Prague’s band „Monkey Business“ at the turn of the millennium. Although they’ve received many prestige awards Olda’s dream was to compose his own songs. He founded his own band „Stability“ and releases his first album in 2008.

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katka-rysava KATKA RYŠAVÁ

Jolana Diamant

Katka Rysava (pseudonym Santa Morella) is mostly known as a guitarist in a band “Gaia Mesiah”, which she co-founded in 2000.

Her first guitars were Jolana Iris and Jolana Syrinx. One of the albums released in 2007 was „Alpha Female“ which was made in cooperation with Jaz Coleman, the front man of British post-punk band Killing Joke. Gaia Mesiah broke up in 2011.

Katka also played in other Czech bands (i.e., Rage Against the Machine revival and others).

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