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Guitar factory NBE Corp. is contemporary Jolana guitars builder. The production is situated in Horovice. It’s a small town half way from Prague to Pilsen. We’re proud that the traditional Czech brand Jolana could be renewed! Our production staff consists of highly skilled craftsmans with the long time experiences on luthiery professional field. Prior to all lies the quality of the product. Great sound and amazing craftsmanship side by side. The instruments are being manufactured in modern, up to date operation where the modern technology and traditional methods exist together to get the best of it to ensure the demanded quality level of each instrument leaving the factory. We ship the product to Czech and foreign countries customers with great success and very positive feedback.

Although the production of Jolana guitars was interupted almost for twenty years, the brand was never forgotten. Contemporary Jolana guitars include the original design of bodies and necks and also some of the original components design. All the hardware and electronic components come from world highly acclaimed manufactures such as EMG, Seymour Duncan, Amber, DiMarzio, Schaller and Gotoh to name a few. Great playability, quality level and touch of nostalgy is being brought to each of our customers worldwide.

Sincerely yours Jolana Team Megasloto