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Petr Henych Signature

This model is inspired by an electric guitar Grazioso, which was built in former Czechoslovakia in 1955 and subsequently received a gold medal in Brussels EXPO 58. Interestingly, George Harrison played this guitar before The Beatles became famous later on. Current version of Grazioso contains some of the original 1955 design body elements, 1960-headstock design, three pickups and a pearl pick guard. It is is also equipped with modern top of the line components made by prestigious world brands which help to create product with high efficiency, compactness, excellent sound and versatility. Grazioso offers wide range of clean sounds well suited for concert halls as well as recording in studios.

Jolana Grazioso is custom made model for Petr Henych. It has been adjusted based on his personal input to suit his needs as one of the top guitarist in Czech Republic. Specifications of Peter‘s individual components can be found in the menu on the left side of your screen.

The guitar’s body is made of two-piece swamp ash tree with transparent blue or transparent black color finish.

The neck and fingerboard of „Grazioso Petr Henych Signature“ model is made of one piece American maple. Fingerboard offers 22 „jumbo“ frets.

Neck profile and fingerboard are custom made based on Peter’s individual requirements (i.e., fingerboard is little shorter in comparison with standard Grazioso).

Di Marzio pickups

DiMarzio DP184 (also known as The Chopper) bridge pickup as per Peter’s input. It acts a simple hum backer but helps to eliminate any hum. The strength of The Chopper is in medium and lower frequencies.
DiMarzio DP110 (or FS-1) positioned in the middle. This pickup is typical for its bright and sparkling sound.
DiMarzio DP419, hum canceling neck pickup, also known as Area 67. Although it acts as classical single it eliminates any hum due to patented Area technology. The result is classic bright and clean sound with great sustain and clarity.

Tremolo Gotoh

Jolana Grazioso Petr Henych Signature model is equipped with tremolo 510T-FE1 made by Japanese Company Gotoh. Top of the line materials and Japanese precision guarantee the highest stability of tuning even in the most demanding conditions.

Gotoh Locking SG381

Classic by Japan company Gotoh as Peter request. SG381 are one of the best-selling tuners in the world. Transfer 1:16 is lubricated with special grease for long maintenance-free functionality. Our customers can then enjoy an ideal product due to clever combination of Tremolo and Gotoh.

Schaller Security Locks

Schaller makes premium accessories to give you the best playing experiences possible and that is why we chose Schaller Security Locks for our guitars. Schaller straplocks give you piece of mind knowing that your strap will stay positively on your shoulder event during the craziest movement. This technology has been used worldwide to every ones satisfaction during the past decades and is still one of its kind today.

Strings D´Addario

“D´Addario EXL110”, high-quality strings, are precision wound with nickelplated steel onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. The result, string with long lasting, distinctive tone and excellent intonation, is ideal for the widest variety of musical styles. The final experience is one of a kind: clear and colorful tone with longest tonal life without compromise.

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