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Grazioso II FB

This model is inspired by an electric guitar Grazioso, which was built in former Czechoslovakia in 1955 and subsequently received a gold medal in Brussels EXPO 58. Interestingly, George Harrison played this guitar before The Beatles became famous later on. Current version of Grazioso contains some of the original 1955 design body elements, 1960-headstock design, three pickups and a pearl pick guard. It is is also equipped with modern top of the line components made by prestigious world brands which help to create product with high efficiency, compactness, excellent sound and versatility. Grazioso offers wide range of clean sounds well suited for concert halls as well as recording in studios.


  • Body: made out of two-piece selective alder
  • Neck: made out of American maple, rosewood, maple or ebony
  • Fingerboard: 22 frets Medium Jumbo
  • Scale: 25, 512”


  • Tailpiece Gotoh
  • Schaller Security Locks
  • Tuners: Schaller M6

Electonic – Pickups:

  • Seymour Duncan SSL-6 neck and middle pickup; SH-4 bridge pickup or TB-4 according strings pitch
  • Seymour Duncan SSL-2 neck and middle pickup; SSL-6 bridge pickup


  • Colors: Black Gloss, Light Blue Gloss, Red gloss, Lambo, Orange Gloss
  • Vintage Sunburst
  • Custom finish (additional cost): Art Deco Yellow, Blue-Green Flip-Flop, White Gloss

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Beefed up true single-coil for warm instruments. Perfect for Texas blues rock, classic rock and heavy rock. We install calibrated set of SSL-6 in the neck and middle position. TB-4 ist he world’s most popular humbucker. Provides slammin’ output while retaining singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and just the right blend of sustain and distortion.

Grazioso II FB allows you to choose from following pickup sets:

  • Seymour Duncan: SSL-6 bridge, SSL-2 middle, SSL-2 neck
  • Seymour Duncan: SH-4 / TB-4 bridge, SSL-6 middle, SSL-6 neck

Minihumbucker bridge, middle, neck

Gotoh Fixed Bridge

This model is equipped with the fixed bridge manufactured by well accloimed japan guitar parts manufacturer Gotoh. The company is well known for the excelent quality and long lasting of their products.

Schaller Locking M6

Legendary Schaller M6 Locking. This German company was the first in the world to develop and patent locking tuners more than 20 years ago. The technology allows the string to be easily locked in a shaft with the help of a non-slip surface wheel.

Schaller Security Locks

ASchaller makes premium accessories to give you the best playing experiences possible and that is why we chose Schaller Security Locks for our guitars. Schaller straplocks give you piece of mind knowing that your strap will stay positively on your shoulder event during the craziest movement. This technology has been used worldwide to every ones satisfaction during the past decades and is still one of its kind today.

Strings Cleartone

“Cleartone .010”, high-quality strings, feature the finest nickel-plated steel for the best pickup response. They create louder, cleared and more colorful tone compared to tone from classic strings due to patented EMP technology, which also protects them against corrosion. The final experience is one of a kind: clear and colorful tone with longest tonal life without compromise.

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