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Diamant II

The production of Jolana Diamant has started back in 1979 in the small town called Horovice. In 1983, new, improved version of Jolana guitar, Jolana I shown up.

Diamant guitar became the most popular and played electric guitar in Czechoslovakia back in 80′s. That time highly acclaimed and well known musicians played the Diamant. The production of Jolana Diamant has been restored on the threshold of a new millennium by campany called Bohemian Musico. Horovice hand wounded pickups used to be equipped with the guitars. Contemporary model is equipped with Schaller hardware and the sound quality is ensured by Seymour Duncan USA or Amber Germany pickups.


  • Body is made of two mahogany pieces and maple top (AAA) with transparent finish.
  • Mahogany neck with two fingerboard choices: rosewood, ebony.
  • Fingerboard: 22 medium, jumbo frets.
  • Scale: 25, 512”
  • Hardware finish available in: Gold, Chrome, and Black


  • Bridge: Schaller GTM
  • Tailpiece: Schaller
  • Schaller Security Locks
  • Tuners: Metal Schaller M6 buttons; Pearl Schaller M6 buttons; Grover Original Rotomatics 102
  • Available pickup cover colors: gold, chrome or black


  • Pickups: One option is Amber pickups (handmade in Germany, split-coil by push-pull pot, double black, creme, white or zebra finish. Also available with metal covers, chrome, nickel and gold)
  • The other option is Seymour Duncan TB4 (or TB59) in the bridge position and SH1N in the neck position (double black or white finish. Also available with metal covers, chrome, nickel and gold). Split-coil by push-pull pot also possible. Last option is EMG actives 81/85 in black or white finish. There are two types of switches you can choose from. One is the traditional 3-way toggle.
  • The other is chicken head control knob.


  • Colors: Solid Black / Black Stain / Cherry Sunburst / Tobacco Sunburst /
  • Cherry Red Stain / Blue Stain / Violet Stain /
  • Extra charge colors: White Gloss


AmberPickups hand wound in Germany. Proven combination of Classic Hot “T” bridge pickup and Classic Rock “R” neck pickup. Pickup tone evokes the sound of American blues, jazz and rock’n‘ from the 50‘s.
Available pickup colors: black, cream or zebra (half black, half cream)
Available pickup cover colors: gold, chrome or black
Push pull potentiometer (or ‘pot’) with a built-in DPDT switch

Seymour Duncan
Seymur Duncan SH-1N neck pickup. It provides a late-50s, vintage-correct, humbucker sound with warm and crystalline clean tones. Full and bright distorted tones with smooth sustain are available from this classic-style pickup.
Seymur Duncan TB-4 bridge pickup. Well balanced coil configuration, which produces great harmonics and a high output with just the right blend of sustain and distortion.

Schaller Tailpiece

Made by world-known German Schaller – one of the leading and proven manufacturers in guitar hardware. All Schaller products are top of the line, made and designed in Germany, according to the highest standards.

Schaller Bridge

Bridge Diamante is also made by German Schaller. Top of the line materials as well as flawless design and workmanship result the highest quality of product.


Schaller M6

Classic by German company Schaller. M6 are one of the best-selling tuners in the world. Transfer 1:12 is fully closed, isolated from any impurities and lubricated with special grease for lifelong maintenance-free functionality.


Grover Vintage Original Rotomatics 102 tuner’s mechanism is remarkably, smooth, completely enclosed and self-lubricating. Positive locking mechanism securely locks each string in place and ease of use makes them one of the finest tuning machines available. Grover Company takes a great pride in their work, just as we do, and is one of best-known leaders in tuner manufacturing.

Schaller Security Locks

Schaller makes premium accessories to give you the best playing experiences possible and that is why we chose Schaller Security Locks for our guitars. Schaller straplocks give you piece of mind knowing that your strap will stay positively on your shoulder event during the craziest movement. This technology has been used worldwide to every ones satisfaction during the past decades and is still one of its kind today.

Strings Cleartone

“Cleartone .010”, high-quality strings, feature the finest nickel-plated steel for the best pickup response. They create louder, cleared and more colorful tone compared to tone from classic strings due to patented EMP technology, which also protects them against corrosion. The final experience is one of a kind: clear and colorful tone with longest tonal life without compromise.

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